I am Dave Warner and I am a web graphics professional. I got this opportunity to convey my thoughts to you through this article.


I think that graphics are the finest features for your websites. They decide how you actually feel regarding your website. There are some common image formats that you can use in free web 2.0 graphics. You can use the free website graphics and learn to utilize any sort of image on your website.

The graphic image format is an image format that an individual can use for free web graphic design. Many of these have an extra advantage of being small in size so that they can load fast. Several of the free web 2.0 graphics support transparencies and make them sit on top of any background and not be viewed.

One of the pivotal aspects about these things is that they can do free website graphics animation. I suggest use may use them for animations drawing each frames in GIF format and support each one of them as a single file. You may include this file in your animation and exhibit the GIF image animation on your web page.

The graphic feature can have some loopholes and that is that they can support only 256 colours. They might be not that nice for photographs. There are several means of putting up your photograph in the website. There are free web 2.0 graphics and you do not have to pay for anything.

I believe that with one of those you may reduce your file size so that your web page can load more instantly.