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Top 10 Application Predictions Through 2025

The future of applications provides organizations with nearly unlimited possibilities to create business value. Yet the ability to think in terms of applications is still difficult for many enterprises.

The transition to application-driven business requires IT leaders to elevate application strategies, advance a new vision of business problem solving, and potentially change the way application leaders work, deliver and modernize.

This collection of the top 10 application-related planning assumptions through 2025 will enable application leaders to plan and deliver successful strategies.

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Leverage these trends to predict changes in work, delivery and modernization.

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    We’ve been able to identify key technologies that we need to understand and establish one-on-one expert sessions to gain a deep insight into those technologies.

    Kevin Switala

    VP & CTO, Gannett Fleming

    Transform your leadership style to set the foundation for growth

    Application leaders drive digital transformation, create innovation opportunities within their teams, and enable business units to improve productivity and customer experience. But the demand for business resilience requires more. Application leaders need to create responsive agile applications, effective application portfolio management and better IT-Business collaboration.

    Being aware of changes in the application landscape is no longer enough to stay ahead of business and technology trends; application leaders need to drive change to support an effective, dynamic application environment.

    By 2022, organizations with diverse IT-business collaborations will deliver business outcomes 25% faster than their competitors.

    How we address top challenges of application leaders

    As product centricity moves deeper into organizations, the role of the application manager requires an evolution to meet the new delivery style. It’s critical to redefine what role the current application leader will play, where they will work and how they must lead in the age of digital transformation.

    Set your top priorities for 2021

    As the pace of business change continues to accelerate, application leaders face a critical challenge — adapting applications to support evolving organizational needs. Over the next 12 to 18 months, application leaders will need to make changes to support a much more dynamic application environment. Our insights will help you set and execute a winning strategy for 2021 and beyond. 

    Strategic Architecture Roadmap to Composable Future of Applications

    Get ready for the world after the pandemic and prepare for the next wave of change with the roadmap to composability. Rewatch one of the Gartner top sessions from our 2021 conferences for application leaders.

    Champion strategic IT-business collaboration

    Most companies planning for the future of applications are choosing to increase collaboration between central IT teams and lines of business. This trend is further amplified by COVID-19, despite its financial and disruptive impact. This research complies insights from a recent Gartner survey to help application leaders champion strategic IT-business collaboration.

    Design top-rated composable applications

    Most Gartner application clients have claimed some early wins piloting agile teams and product-centric delivery. The goal now is to scale it to cover more of the work. Application leaders still face objections from some parts of the business, but also obstacles, such as ramping up agile coaching to cover far more teams. This webinar will provide a path around them.

    Get digital transformation efforts moving faster

    Application development organizations must 'morph' into digital product delivery organizations in order to scale their digital business and deliver continuous value. However, this is no simple endeavor. Application leaders can use Gartner's strategic roadmap to lead their organization on a path to becoming more nimble, responsive and adaptive to continuous change

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