We find all types of images around us. You can find them in magazines, books, television and in movies. These images are generally made by hand. Due to the advancement in technology in the past 20 years, computer graphics are simple to make.

What is a computer graphic?

A computer graphic is an images that is made or modified utilizing a computer. There are some methods used in computer graphics and have been there for a long time. It is a computerized means of doing various things that can be done by hand. Some other methods are complex and have to be done by hand. A computer makes them simpler to do.


An important use for computer graphics nowadays is retouching of photographs. If you use a computer, you can do many things. In computer graphics, you can actually cut one portion of the images and put it on another images. You can actually alter it. Another thing you can do is to make the photo black and white but with one part of the image in full colour.

With a nice program, you can be limited by your imagination in altering a photo. You can utilize computer graphics to make headlines that are distinct. You can make titles for books, magazines or web pages on the computer. Computer graphics enable you to do many aspects with text and include them to look three dimensional.

There are some people who can utilize computer graphics to paint a picture. Computer graphics can be utilized to make any sort of picture you desire and that includes cartoons and different types of art. You may use the computer and enable the digital painter to mix the colours in various ways that may be quite difficult to do in reality.

In case you have seen a movie in the past, chances are that you have seen the computer graphics in action.