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Use the top technology trends to drive innovation

Gartner expects these 12 technology trends to act as force multipliers of digital business and innovation over the next three to five years. Here’s your quick guide to what the technologies are and why they’re valuable.

Create an Action Plan to Master Business Composability

The Gartner CIO survey, which surveys more than 2,000 IT executives on current business practices found that highly-composable organizations came out of the pandemic ahead of other organizations when it came to overall business performance, reduced risk and operating costs, and increased revenue. Find out where your organization ranks and how to increase your composability score.

Turn your employees into cybersecurity assets

Cybercriminals have become experts at engineering sophisticated attacks by tricking employees into clicking on malicious links that initiate attacks. Currently, 85% of data breaches involve a human element. Cyber risk is top of mind in boardrooms. This guide addresses three common challenges to building a defensible security awareness program that can help IT leaders effectively manage risk and turn employees into controls to detect and resist social engineering attacks.

Experience Information Technology conferences

Join forward-thinking leaders at a 2022 Gartner conference to explore emerging trends, accelerate learning and guide near-term decisions.

Client Success Stories

See how Gartner helped other companies achieve their information technology goals.

Fueling Digital Transformation Through Innovative Solutions

Faurecia, a global automotive supplier, needed to fuel its digital strategy with innovations that differentiated its services to gain competitive advantage. Gartner research and advisory services helped IT at Faurecia create an effective digital transformation strategy and achieve business buy-in with the CEO and board of directors.

Adopting Digital Innovation in Business and Culture Through Data & Analytics

Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leadership advisory firm, sought to leverage its access to information and insights to provide valuable advice to its clients through data & analytics. Gartner provided expert guidance and tools to help promote adoption of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to create a resilient business culture that accelerates change.

Transforming From a Legacy Bank Into an Innovative Digital Bank

With a clear vision of becoming a leading (neo) digital bank, the client, a new entity separated from the parent bank, was challenged with upgrading its core services to cater to changing customer needs.

Transformation of the Energy System Underpinned by the Power of Technology

TransGrid’s CIO, Russell Morris, leverages Gartner services to support the implementation of digital transformation programs, which includes taking traditional investments in technology and refreshing them for the modern age. Driving innovation that guides decision making in IT, building out new infrastructure and cost optimization are the most critical priorities.

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