Strengthen your Program and Portfolio Management Strategy

Digital business transformation and product-centric delivery models are dramatically changing the role and mandate of program and portfolio management leaders

6 practices for effective portfolio management

Identify challenges and associated root causes to deliver expected portfolio results.

Portfolio management across the enterprise continues to evolve as a function that balances investments, priorities, and resources. Organizations need integrated and strategic portfolio management more than ever to decide what to start, stop, continue, consolidate, or change. Through conversations with industry leaders and corporate strategists, Gartner has identified six best practices for effective portfolio management.

Download this research to learn how PMOs can build strategy-related PPM capabilities.

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Adopt practices for effective Portfolio Management

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    The Gartner IT Score maturity assessment was pivotal in helping us identify opportunities and best practices for our three-year PMO roadmap.
    IT Leader, Manufacturing Industry

    Top Priorities for IT 2021: Program and Portfolio Management

    Leading in 2021 will look different from leadership in 2020, but understanding and planning for unknowns and continued disruption across the IT organization is critical to moving forward. Get emerging trends, expected challenges and next steps for Program and Portfolio Management leaders in 2021.

    Program & Portfolio Management Leaders must reinvent their approach for portfolio management

    To support digital business, CIOs are decreasing their investment in on-premises infrastructure and increasing their investment in off-premises capabilities and new technologies. This requires portfolio management leaders to partner with business leaders and resource managers to balance investments across a diverse set of internal and external services in a much faster and more complex environment.

    An Overview of Program and Portfolio Management Leaders

    How we address top challenges of PPM and PMO leaders

    The digital future has arrived. To support digital business operating models, project management is shifting toward more adaptive approaches focused on continuous delivery, dynamic change, value-driven outcomes and increased risk tolerance.

    Pivot and become more adaptive with the PPM leadership vision for 2021

    The increased reliance on digital business, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced virtually every PMO, EPMO, and SRO to pivot and become more adaptive, enabling change using techniques like agile and technologies like platforms as a service. This eBook highlights the trends and challenges PPM leaders will have to reconcile in the coming year and provides specific actions that they can take in response.

    Strategic Architecture Roadmap to Composable Future of Applications

    Get ready for the world after the pandemic and prepare for the next wave of change with the roadmap to composability. Rewatch one of the Gartner top sessions from our 2021 conferences for application leaders.

    What to Consider When Selecting PPM Tools

    Given the increasing pressure for faster and more-flexible delivery, and the need to capture work efforts in real time, project and portfolio management software should no longer be considered optional.

    Leverage Strategic Portfolio Management to Enable Business Agility

    Discover how CIOs and IT leaders can use 3 key SPM attributes to scale and harvest digital business investments and learn how to leverage these attributes to pivot and adapt to changing strategic priorities.

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