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Make data-driven talent decisions. Tap into global talent, location and competitive insights for any industry or function with TalentNeuron.

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  • Predictive analytics for forecasting

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Build your winning talent strategy

  • Forecast your future workforce. Make workforce planning more future-focused by understanding three-year forecasts around talent supply and wage inflation.
  • Create long- and short-term sourcing plans. Move from head count planning to strategic workforce planning by identifying talent trends across the globe.
  • Pinpoint emerging roles and skills. Identify future skill requirements and gaps by understanding how key roles and skills are evolving in your industry.

Accelerate geographic growth with reduced risk

  • Improve location selection for growth and expansion. Identify optimal locations for future investment based on availability of talent as well as macroeconomic factors.
  • Identify locations to consolidate your footprint. Pinpoint locations with the availability of talent needed for your organization.
  • Find hidden talent pools that optimize cost. Perform comparisons and rankings of your shortlisted locations based on various talent, cost and macroeconomic criteria.

Stay ahead with competitive Insights

  • Analyze competitor hiring trends. Incorporate competitive intelligence in your talent and business strategic planning by understanding key competitors’ hiring trends.
  • Discover new competition for key talent. Think strategically about how to acquire talent by looking at what your competition is doing.
  • Understand market disruptors. Identify emerging trends and risks to forecast talent demand by using external labor market data.

Hear from Gartner TalentNeuron Clients

Fill niche roles

Elizabeth Mashakas
SVP Talent Acquisition, BlueHalo

Learn how Elizabeth Mashakas, SVP of Talent Acquisition at BlueHalo, leverages Gartner TalentNeuron's skills and location data to fill niche roles and competitively price contracts within the defense contracting industry. 

Outpace the competition

Adrienne Block
Director of Workforce Analytics & Innovation, Mastercard

Adrienne Block, Director of Workforce Analytics & Innovation, uses TalentNeuron's labor market data to answer the questions that Mastercard executives are asking. For example, how does the Great Resignation vary by geography?

Guide location decisions

Carrie Bennett
Global Talent Intelligence, Siemens

Understand how Carrie Bennett uses Gartner TalentNeuron at Siemens to build trusted partnerships with the business, identify and propose critical hiring locations and analyze key competition data to drive success across the organization.

We’re excited to learn more about ourselves as a company and how we fit in the competitive landscape. As part of our strategic roadmap, we’re going to have Gartner TalentNeuron help us understand where people are coming from as they come into our organization and where they’re leaving to go to.

Head of Talent Analytics, Global Healthcare Company

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Continuously collected from diversified global sources

  • Government reports
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  • Trade publications
  • Candidate profiles
  • Proprietary databases