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For hairdressers, the most common questions will be, “What is the best way to lace wig and make it look special?” And “What are some regular mix-ups that can ruin ribbon hair?” We wouldn’t prefer to feel openly humiliated when wearing a hair dress, and we wouldn’t like to tear down our hairpieces because they are not trivial!

We asked 200 experienced hairdressers what they did when they first wore ribbon hairpieces. Below, we’ve summarized the top 7 mistakes that will make you a hairpiece apprentice, some of which can ruin your newly human hair lace front wigs.

Four memories that can ruin your trim hair.

1. Over cooling

“I tear the ribbon whenever I try to cool a characteristic hairline or pull the scalp.”

“I made hair more common because it needed to be more common.”

Apply a pre-run hairline human hair lace front wigs, unlike any other. In case you feel that cooling is not enough, consult a specialist for help, as total cooling can tear the trim without anyone else. Also, in case you get stuck unevenly, it will look like there are some holes in the front trim.

2. More die or more coloring.

“I dyed my hair in an extreme color and it was flowing all over the place.”

“I dyed my hair to try to get the right shading and it went from 180 to 130.”

Blanking hair can cause a lot of baldness for no apparent reason. For a while, it will flow like crazy, in light of the fact that the fading powder will make the hairpieces fragile.

3. Cut more than lace.

“Hitting a piece of hair is not easy in every case; one compound I have made is that I cut my ribbon closer than necessary.”

“I cut the trim too far and used some unacceptable shading on my part. So it looked like I had put cheetah dust in that part and the tram in front had to disappear.”

Similarly, cutting more ribbons cannot be decided. Carefully trim the ribbon, and make a point not to trim the ribbon with a flagged hair along the hairline.

4. The size of the cap is too big or too small.

“I held it close to my head so that a line was showing when I took it off.”

“The size of the hairpiece was too big for me, and I wasn’t wearing a versatile band. So the pair of hair was slipping from behind and my storage cap was visible.”

When you keep your hair close enough, you will feel weird here and there may be a migraine. However, when it gets too big, you feel threatened, and the hair follicles go behind a slide without growing.

You can prize for harassing exploitation here.

If your hat is too large, sew elastic bands from ear to ear and use glue along the hairline to make sure of your hair.

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